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Author: VR SAM™ Military Real Estate Experts | Resources Created: 3/6/2014
Joe and Deb Gladden Veteran Realty Serving America's Military, Inc. Certified Military Relocation Professional

Wondering what color sells? Color it sold!

By Joe and Deb - VR SAM on 3/6/2014

The number one question I am asked when preparing a home for sale is. “Do I have to paint every room white?” The next question is,”What color is the best color to paint a house for sale?” If this thought has been running through your head you are on the right track. Painting your house is the fastest and least expensive way to boost it to the top of its price range and possibly kick it up a level. Paint can bring a house up to date, clean it up, and give buyer’s the idea that they can move right in. And of course neutral colors are the easiest to live with. But does it have to be white? Absolutely not. Neutrals include soft taupe, linen, soft gray green, and putty. You may not have to paint at all “IF” the paint is in excellent condition, if it is a current soft neutral color, and if it is complimentary to the furnishings. If you do need to paint, choose a neutral that compliments the carpets. Be sure the carpeting is clean and in good condition. Neutrals are best ...

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