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Author: VR SAM™ Military Real Estate Experts | Resources Created: 3/6/2014
Joe and Deb Gladden Veteran Realty Serving America's Military, Inc. Certified Military Relocation Professional

Maintaining a High State of Readiness

By Joe and Deb - VR SAM on 3/6/2014

Your home is for sale. The problem is you actually live in it. So how do you keep it ready for that call from a realtor saying—“We’re in the neighborhood and my client would like to see your home—in 10 minutes.” First- let me say- don’t say no unless you absolutely have to. Shopping has changed from the old days of making an appointment 24 hours in advance. Realtors with their potential buyers move on to see as much as they can in the time they have. So here are a few tips to help you maintain the high state of readiness to show your home without losing your mind. Be ready to show- Be ready to go! Tackle the big jobs once. Pack up as much as you can in advance. Spaces clear of clutter will put the spotlight where you want it- on the home! It’s got to go sometime - better sooner than later. Take care of repair lists- buyers don’t want projects! Wash the windows. This adds a tremendous amount of curb appeal and goes a long way towards an overall feeling ...

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