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Author: VR SAM™ Military Real Estate Experts | Resources Created: 3/6/2014
Joe and Deb Gladden Veteran Realty Serving America's Military, Inc. Certified Military Relocation Professional

Free Resource for Military Homeowners in distress

By Joe and Deb - VR SAM on 3/6/2014

VR SAM recently learned of another excellent resource to assist Military Homeowners dealing with the "unfriendly" financial environment. NACA, Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, has been around for a long time. It's a free, non-profit organization specifically chartered to assist Homeowners struggling with payments / predatory lenders, and people contemplating a home purchase. Below is an excerpt from their home page and link to that page. We strongly encourage Military Families struggling with house payments and / or facing foreclosure to review the site and contact NACA. Let us know how this works for you so we can pass it along! Joe NACA, Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, is a non-profit community advocacy and HUD certified counseling agency. NACA has been in the forefront of fighting discriminatory and predatory lending for over 20 years. NACA provides the most affordable mortgage solution for both homebuyers and homeowners. NACA is your best option, for any of the follow ...

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