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On choosing your lender

By Joe and Deb - VR SAM on 3/10/2014

On choosing your lender

Your choice of lenders is one of the most critical decisions you will make during your home buying process. VR SAM®recommends you consider the following factors before you make your choice:


  • Reputation of the company

  • Loan officer’s service reputation / commitment

  • Variety of loan products and competitive rates


VR SAM® strongly recommends extreme discretion when using internet brokers / lenders where no specific loan officer can be held accountable for your transaction!!

Most of VR SAM’s® clients are very familiar and comfortable with usaa and navy federal credit union, outstanding companies to be sure. However, we strongly encourage you to compare their products / rates with other commercial lenders / brokers. Here are three broker / lenders that you may want to contact for quotes.



susan wallace

Carteret mortgage (broker)


(571) 283-1337

Charlene Finnegan


M&T Bank (lender)


(571) 921-1259

Melissa Schooler

BF Sauls Bank (lender)


(240) 497-8057

The above lender / brokers have excellent reputations, However, VR SAM® does not endorse any specific lender/broker/loan program.

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