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Paint or Recarpet
Last Post Jul 09, 2009 03:25 PM by Sandy Gardner. 0 Replies.
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Jul 09, 2009 03:25 PM
    You’re going to sell. You know the market. You know the house needs something. But should you spend your money on carpet, paint, blinds, or even a new kitchen? After all you want to get the best price possible and you don’t want to spend more than you have to. So how do you decide where to start?

    I’d like to suggest “The Power of Three”. There are three people critical to preparing your home for market and helping you to protect one of your largest financial investments. You’ll start with your agent who will do a market comparison. They will spend an enormous amount of time researching the competition and even visiting the other listings to see how your home compares. They will do a thorough walk through of your property noting updates and addressing issues that will be non-starters for buyers. They’ll note the things that make your property stand out. The agent will know and convey to you where your target price range is.

    Then the Home Stager comes in. I will come to your home and look at it with buyer’s eyes. It’s difficult to see our own home as a product for sale. We decorate to please our families and to reflect our lives and interests. My job is to make sure the property is presented in a way that attracts the most attention from the widest audience of people. I’ll neutralize the personal influences and make recommendations for repairs and updates. What is critical? I can tell you that in general buyers are picky and looking for perfection. They may say they would like a fixer upper but either they become fatigued looking at all the projects that need to be done or they will low ball the offer far below the cost of fixing the problem. Neat, clean, and uncluttered should be your focus. And if it’s worn—replace it. A consultation with a Home Stager will help give you decorating direction and hands on help when needed. The stager will help you prioritize the “to do” list.

    What if you have a property with a very long “to do” list? Maybe your home is an older home and it’s getting to that age where the a/c is iffy or the roof looks a little dry. You know you need to paint the inside and new countertops are all the rage but you do have a budget after all. Your real estate agent may suggest bringing in a home inspector even before your home goes on the market. If that’s the recommendation, it is money well spent. Let the home inspector go through just as a buyer’s inspector would and let you know what’s going to be required to close the deal. If he finds a serious problem, you can take care of it upfront and not lose a sale or empty your wallet at closing. Surprises can be costly when you don’t have time to shop around for your repair help. A home inspection is not always necessary, your agent will know when it would be beneficial.

    With this information, you'll be able to make a budget for paint, carpet, new countertops, or to take care of that unexpected expense that was lurking out there.

    Preparing your home so that it is well priced, well prepared, and surprise free will give you peace of mind. Hiring a team with the “Power of Three” will make sure you home is ready.
    Sandy Gardner
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