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Can You Handle the Truth?
Last Post May 07, 2011 07:21 AM by Sandy Gardner. 0 Replies.
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May 07, 2011 07:21 AM


    “You can’t handle the truth!” – One of my favorite movie lines, a pivotal moment when Jack Nicholson’s character shatters the audience’s naiveté with information they would probably like to live without knowing. Sometimes the truth is bothersome, uncomfortable and requires decisions and actions on the part of the listener. Sometimes we just don’t want to hear it.
    Enter the stager. Thankfully, we are just trying to help you sell your home, not defend the country against terrorists as Jack Nicolson’s character, Col. Jessup was.  Still we have to convey thoughts that may not be well received because they will require decisions and actions not high on anyone’s list of fun activities. 
    We deliver the uncomfortable truth, such as:
    ·        You must free your home from the smell of tobacco products.
    ·        You do need to take care of all repair and maintenance issues before marketing your home.
    ·        You do need to move the treadmill out of your bedroom.
    ·        You do need to clean EVERYTHING.
    ·        The time to empty closets is before listing.
    ·        You do need to arrange the furniture, artwork and accessories to enable great photography for the online listing and that is work.
    ·        You do need to imagine that your home is up for white glove inspection.
    Just remember, when a realtor or stager gives you the truth of what needs to be done to have your home “inspection ready”, it’s because we know what it takes to sell your home in this competitive market. We care about how much you’ve put into owning your home.  We train and work hard to insure that you get every dollar out of your home possible. So when faced with the “uncomfortable truth” of a “to do” list, remember, we do it all for you! We are on your team, cheering for your success.
    You can handle the truth, I just know it. 
    Sandy Gardner
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