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The Secret to selling your home has just two letters......
Last Post Oct 11, 2010 07:53 AM by Sandy Gardner. 0 Replies.
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Oct 11, 2010 07:53 AM


    I’ve got a secret to help you sell your home faster and for more money and I’ll share it with you. Unfortunately, the secret does involve work on your part. If it didn’t, it would be magic and not just a secret. Selling your home in any market is a job, pure and simple. However, there are secrets. Fortunately, these are not well kept secrets. Three things are essential for success.
    Essential #1 Work with a great realtor like VRSam and listen to their advice, they are the professionals. 
    Essential #2 Price it right, see essential number 1.
    Essential #3 Prepare your property for sale so people fall in love at first sight.
    And now the two letter secret – UP. It’s simple. 
    Clean UP. Make it shine. Be picky, hire help if you can. Remember the windows. Bright and light sells the house.
    Clear UP areas of clutter. Decluttering makes your home bigger if only in the mind’s eye. This is a great time to share what you have with those in need. There are probably things you weren’t taking with you anyway. Now’s a good time to go through them. 
    Spruce UP. First impressions are sometimes the only ones you get. Make sure the outside looks impressive. Get buyers out of their cars and into your home with impeccable curb appeal.
    UPdate. Consult with your realtor on needed improvements. If all of your competition has UP graded appliances or countertops, maybe you should too. Don’t be the bargain, it will hurt you beyond the price of a simple UPdate.
    Dress UP your home. Keep the look clean and simple with a touch of luxury. The master bedroom and bath should be as inviting as a luxury hotel. Buyers are going to envision themselves living there; entice them.   Keep other living areas free of clutter and too much furniture. Arrange furniture with an eye to photos and foot traffic. Clear kitchen counter tops of everything except the essentials and a few decorative items. Consult with a home stager, we know how to get your home ready for its close up!
    Show UP the competition. Come on the market ready to go. Have the right price, the right realtor and the most exciting house in the price range.
    If you buck UP and follow these simple secrets to success, your home sale won’t be UP in the air and you can chalk UP your success to your hard work and great planning.
    Best wishes for a speedy sale,
    Sandy Gardner
    Sandy Gardner
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