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Dress your home for a successful sale
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Dec 02, 2009 12:16 PM

    Dress your home for a successful sale 

    In the last newsletter I wrote about showcasing your home:  arranging furniture and accessories to best show off the space, highlight the architecture, and create a welcoming atmosphere.   This time I’d like to talk to you about the finishing touches.  Like the right jewelry finishes off an ensemble, accessories complete the look for successful home staging.  Of course, as I mentioned before, showcasing is done after carefully preparing the property for sale with repairs and updating as recommended by your Realtor and home stager.   If you aren’t moving, consider these tips for a fresh look for your home.

    There are a many correlations between dressing for a job interview and preparing your home for sale.  First impressions have to say it all; you may not get another chance to put yourself or your home in front of the prospective employer or buyer.  Also, you don’t want your clothing, jewelry, or perfume to be a distraction, so play it safe.  Home accessories include art, pillows, knickknacks, and scented products like candles and air fresheners.  Like too much jewelry or load clothing, too many knickknacks, too much artwork, too much froufrou can remove the focus from where we want it and create quite a distraction.  People do look at your stuff, they can’t help it.  Collections of anything are particularly distracting, so pack them away.  Follow the rule of three—you may have three of anything out.  After that you are labeling your house as the train house, beanie baby house, duck house or worse.   It’s better to be the house with the wonderful view, great sunroom, fabulous bathroom, etc.

    Here are a few simple tips for getting ready for the all important internet photos:


    Think large and few.  Small pieces of art do not photograph well and actually make the space look smaller.  A large piece of art over the mantle will create a better photo op than a collection of small objects.  One to three pieces of art in the average room is plenty.    If you have groupings of art, each piece should be larger than 20 by 20 inches.  Smaller than that they will look like dots on the wall.   Of course family portraits should be removed for the time your home is on the market. 

    Pillows and throws:

    Pillows are a great accent to a room.  They can bring a fresh look to an outdated room and create just the pop you need for great photos.  Shopping for these at Target, Home Goods, or Kohl’s will keep you within budget.  One throw is good – one for everyone in the family is too much.



    Keep it simple.  By now, your clutter has been removed, your furniture set, artwork is placed on the walls and the room is just about perfect.  The number one mistake I see in room accessories is that there too many and they are too small.  One or two interesting objects on an end table or coffee table are enough to create a pleasing atmosphere and keep the eye moving to the architecture of the home. 

    Perfume:  The Final Touch

    Be careful here.  Scents can overwhelm and many people are sensitive.  The very best scent for a home is the smell of clean.  Lemon scented cleansers are usually the best received smells.  Avoid plug in air fresheners completely.  If you are a scented candle lover, consider a mild candle burned and extinguished a few hours before showing the home.  It may seem cliché, but the way to a buyer’s heart may well be through their stomach.  Freshly baked cookies or pie is always a welcome aroma. 

    I hope this helps you as you prepare to market your home.  Preparation is key and photos are so important.  90% of buyers look at photos before they shop so make sure your home is ready.  Hiring a professional home stager is ranked in the top five best investments you can make in preparing your home for sale by HomeGain.com.  Let us help you dress your home for a successful sale.

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    Nov 20, 2018 03:53 AM
    Home staging is done to increase the worth of the house, you have shared beautiful tips. I am in the real estate field and now have started learning home staging via online means. https://globalstaging.org/
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